What Everyone Needs To Know About Camping

Camping is the activity of staying in a tent or shelter tented for at least one night. Campers may use tents or other shelters as well as sleeping bags to sleep on mats.

Where To Go Camping?

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make if you want to go camping is where to go. To make this decision, you should think about the type of camping trip you want to have. Do you want to hike? Do you want it to be close to your house? Should there be water nearby (to enjoy swimming or boating)? If you’re unsure where would be best for your first time, you can always try a public campground. These are great places to start because there will be other people around if you need help.

Do’s and Donts of Camping

If you’re about to go camping for the first time, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

DO: Plan your trip. Decide where you want to go and what equipment you won’t be able to live without (e.g., cooking stove or tent).
DO: Be prepared and stay safe. Make sure to pack water and food for the number of people camping with you (it’s good to bring extra in case someone gets lost or hurt).
DO: Take a first aid kit, map and compass (or GPS), and whistle (in case you need help) when travelling into the wilderness.
DO: Use the buddy system. If you’re not an experienced camper and don’t know your area well, go camping with someone who has some experience.
DON’T: Forget to bring a lighter or waterproof match (in case your campfire gets wet).
DON’T: Leave any equipment behind when you leave your camping site.
DON’T: Go out of cell range (if you’re in the wilderness).

Equipment You Will Need for Camping

Some things will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. You’ll need to pack all these items in a backpack before leaving home. Make sure that you have all of the following:

Maps of the area.
Water bottle.
Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
Candle a lantern/mini flashlight for inside tents at night.
Pocket knife
Matches/lighter. – Pyrex bowl (to boil water in).
Towel (and washcloth).
Clothing for all types of weather (bring extras in case one gets wet).
Cooking stove
You can also bring extra bags to keep dirty or wet clothes separate from clean ones. And don’t forget an extra set of keys for your car in case you lose the originals.

Camping Tips

Here are some tips to help ensure your camping trip is a good time:
When setting up your tent, make sure to put it on level ground. (campingplassen.no)
When camping, always sleep with your food and never eat any wild animals, you come across.
If you are going boating, make sure there are no hazards in the water beforehand. Also, tie up your boat securely when not using it. (http://campingplassen.no/camping-kristiansand/)
To prevent mosquitos from attacking you, light a candle or two around your campsite at night or bring some mosquito nets.
Be sure to bring clothes that are appropriate for whatever time of year it is (http://campingplassen.no/hytte-kristiansand/)
When you get home from your trip, make sure you clean up and put all your things back where they belong.


Camping is a great way to get away from the stresses of daily life and enjoy nature. As long as you know how to camp, some equipment, and enough food and water, you’re good to go.